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January 12, 2012

This page holds details of/links to current TF Services products and services, and latest support files.

Hosted on my own server based at BlueSquare in Maidenhead

All .htm files are in the root, so save pages locally and read off-line.

I passed on my QL spares to Rich Mellor early 2009 (RWAP Services). I can still provide all my products except RomDisq. However I have very little time to do this, so contact me first about delivery times. I can also do QL repairs and offer general QL advice.
    Prices and how to order: UK Europe Rest of world  (QL membranes no longer on sale)

Fill in this form to get on my QL mailing list Nice as well to know who calls......

QL Repairs

Fixed prices repairs for 35 with 6-month guarantee - UK only. (Excludes microdrive repairs other than cleaning/adjustment) I use a Thorn-EMI test program to test the majority of the QL, including the network, serial ports, keyboard, microdrives, screen display, ram etc.

Remember that the QL has a power supply. Quite often odd crashes (especially if the QL crashes, may be be due to a faulty supply (often simply loose screws in the mains plug)

Look in troubleshooting (19 Apr 98) for more hints

Computer Cleaner Mains filters

The original mains filter introduced in 1985 for the Sinclair QL, but suitable for all computers and mains sensitive equipment (HiFi etc). Incorporates series in-line inductance on L/N, 3 spike filters (L/N, L/E, N/E), delta capacitor (L/N/ E). L/N capacitor boosted to over 300nF.
Two variants:

    4-way trailing socket (13 amp)
     3-way adaptor (5 amp)

Prices: UK

I accept sterling cheques drawn on a UK branch of a bank (ie UK cheque, International Money Order etc), Post Office Giro transfer (58 267 3909) or cash! ((Eurocheques no longer valid). 

 I no longer accept credit cards. All UK banks now require electronic transfer.  This mean a) I pay 600 for a machine for 3 years use and no prices for upgrades or b) I pay 15 plus per month rental for a machine.  ie Banks are putting up two fingers to small traders.

    email Tony Firshman (edit in name)  TF Services
 Voice: (+44)1442 828254  Fax: (+44)1442 828255
  29 Longfield Road, TRING, Herts, HP23 4DG

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